Bottle 'O Blues
Blues Harmonica Microphone
with Pignose Hog-20 Amplifier

Together, the Bottle 'O Blues™ harmonica microphone and Pignose Hog-20 amplifier make up a great blues harmonica rig. The Hog-20 amp has 20W power and a 6.5 inch speaker, and is powered by a rechargable battery or can run from the included charging cable. The Hog-20 is a over-driven amp that will give you that classic distorted Chicago blues harp tone you've been searching for. This is a small amp with a big sound! Check out the video.

Bottle 'O Blues harmonica microphone and Hog-20 Amp

Bottle 'O Blues harmonica microphone and Hog-20 Amp $249 (free US shipping)

(Due to it's weight, this item can not be shipped outside of the US.)

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Important notes:

  • The Bottle 'O Blues mic and Hog-20 amp will ship separately and may not arrive at the same time.
  • Please read the special Hog-20 amp instructions that are included with the microphone. The instructions provide suggested amp settings for harmonica, and guidance on battery maintanence to ensure long battery life with the Hog-20 amp.

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